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(White) Txakoli Zudugarai DO | Hondurrabi Zuri | Spain | 2020

Prepared with Zudugarai vineyard’s grapes. The oldest Txakoli cellar in the Cantabrian Coast. Grapevine and espalier structured. Pale yellow with golden hue intakes. Greenish and grey iridescent in thin layer, inherent in Zudugarai variety. Long lasting and balanced mouthfeel. Good aromatic intensity, mainly with herb tones, green apple and citrus, where brewer’s yeast and pulp notes appear. Interesting nose. Fresh and light. Good aromatic intensity and expressive.

Country: Spain
Region: Cantabrian Coast
Winemaker: Zudugarai
Varietal: 100% Hondurrabi Zuri
Style: 25-40 year old vines from two hectares of estate vineyards located on hilly slopes on the sunny and windy side. Harvested by hand. Vinification and elevage done strictly in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks.
Vintage: 2020
Alcohol: 11%



We are a family winery that worked on Txakoli wine since more than 65 years ago. Txakoli was a popular wine around rural and seaside towns. Founded by Patxi Errasti, his sons begin working in the winery in 1970 after Patxi passed on. Patxi's third son studied chemical and enologist and he is currently the winemaker and is responsible for the vineyard. He is the 3rd generation.

At the winery Zudugarai, he focuses on safeguarding Txakoli as a unique autochthonous product. New techniques and formulas are gradually being introduced into the viticultural process in order to seek to improve the characteristics of the Txakoli. However, this does not mean that they wish to produce a wine that is different from the traditional ones, they are merely seeking to improve it. Txakoli is the popular name of the wine that is elaborated in this area of Gipuzkoa ́s coast.

The Txakoli was a popular wine in the basque boats. The Txakoli always have a relationship with the sea; it is the wine of Basque fishermen and seafarers. The Txakoli is a characteristic wine of the Getaria ́s coast from Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain. It is elaborated with an autochthonous variety called Hondarrabi Zuri (Zuri means white). The orientation of the vineyard to the sea, the climate of Cantabria area, the humidity, and the extreme condition of the vineyard are the reasons that Txakoli has a little point of salinity. It is different from other white wines - nice, natural, young, and fresh. The perfect pairing for Txakoli are fishes, and seafood, cooked or grilled.


There are a couple of different ways animal products can be introduced into the winemaking process. The first comes in the ‘fining process’ of winemaking, where winemakers aim to remove the tiny particles of sediment that cause the wine to be hazy – fining makes the wine clear, bright and a little more stable. Traditional fining products were derived from egg, fish or milk, suddenly introducing animal products into the mix. 

Animal products can also be introduced in the corking phase, as corks are sometimes made using milk-based glues, or when sealing the bottle with beeswax. Thankfully these methods are becoming less and less common. Still, right now the only way to ensure you’re drinking a vegan wine is to check for certification on the label.


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