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Christmas Food Bundle

Add this range of Christmas goodies to any wine selection 

  One wire basket     

  Christmas decorated bow             

  1x100gm chocolate bark (preservative-free) (packed in a food-safe paper packaging)

  1x300gm biscotti (preservative-free) (packed in a food-safe repurposable plastic container)


Chocolate Bark By Lush Platters 

Lush dark chocolate, irresistible when decorated with red berries and sliced nuts. Perfect for the holidays, this sweet and slightly tart chocolate bark will triumph in the gift-giving department!

Cranberry And Pistachio Biscotti By Biscotti Bakery

This festive biscotti is full flavoured yet light and crisp, expect a wonderful crunch with nuggets of fresh pistachio and cranberry. Certainly delightful and slightly addictive.

We recommend one week's notice as the food is freshly made and with no preservative.