Fresh, Dry, Delicious. Vej Brut


Vintage 2014
Origin Parma hills, Varano de' Melegari, Italy
Winemaker Podere Pradarolo
Style Organic grapes, 60 days skin-contact maceration, no added sulphur dioxide. Use of natural native yeast only and without fining or filtration. This wine spends 18 months on the yeasts before the actual disgorgement
Taste A metodo classico sparkling orange wine made from all organic  Malvasia grape. A grape varietal known for its intense floral aroma. It is a beautiful orange wine with an amber colour that recalls its colour of the natural Malvasia grape in the sun. The floral note, dry tannin and long finish make this sparkling wine simply unforgettable. 
Food Best served in chilled temperature of 9-11 degrees celcius and paired with fish or any white meats.