(Red) Terrae Mas De Aranda | Garnacha | Spain | 2018

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Visually, Terrae Mas de Aranda is cherry-red with an elegant purple edge. Garnacha grapes are selected from old vines, and the wine is produced under strict organic agriculture parameters. On the nose, you'll experience aromas of ripe red fruit, chocolate, cinnamon and wood. Terrae Mas de Aranda also presents good intensity in the mouth, rounded with a marked finish. This is a wine in balance with the environment boosts which the characteristics of an autochthonous variety of our terror: the Garnacha.

Country: Spain
Region: Aragon
Winemaker: Bodegas Tempore
Varietal: Garancha
Style: Organic and vegan. Aged for 6 months in new French oak barrels.
Vintage: 2018
Alcohol: 14%
Sulfite Content: 59mg/l



"Work, perseverance, thrill and optimism is the foundation of the Yago Aznar family. We seek excellence in our products deeply rooted to this land and to present it to local and international markets."

The Yago Aznar family's passion for wine was what started Bodegas Tempore. This family of viticulturists have possessed extensive knowledge of running vineyards for over four generations. They possess extensive knowledge of the vineyard and the surrounding land and understands that good quality wine starts with impeccable and excellent quality raw materials.

The Bodegas Tempore vineyards have also been cultivated for over four generations. In the vineyards, old Garnacha vines coexist with modern plantations incorporated into the estate, always following the same premise - quality. The family understands the extreme climate of Lécera, the scarce precipitations, the winter winds and how challenging the land's working conditions are.

Today, siblings Paula and Víctor Yago Aznar run this winery, giving wine lovers what they are best at from the perfect machinery that makes this winery work.


With more and more consumers turning towards vegan and plant-based diets, it seems inevitable that some winemakers would use ‘vegan-friendly’ as a great marketing tool to sell more wine. However, we should remember that many winemakers have been following low-intervention winemaking methods that avoid animal products entirely for a long time. 

Some use vegetable or mineral-derived products to clear their wines. In contrast, some leave their wine entirely natural with no filtration (the sediment in wine is harmless, so there is no issue in drinking it). For these winemakers, whether they practise organic, biodynamic or natural farming, vegan-friendly is just another part of their sustainable winemaking practices.

What is certain is that the trend for fewer interventions in the vineyard and cellar (when making the wine) is increasing. Consumers want fewer chemicals and additives in their wine, which almost certainly affects the addition of animal products. In fact, many people feel they don’t need to be vegan to find something odd about using eggs in the making of wine. So if winemakers can use a viable alternative, then everyone is happy.


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