All Natural Red Wine Wine - Blackcurrant. Coffee. Underwood.



Expect elegant touches of persistent red fruits. Garnet red, perfumes of blackcurrant, black cherry jam, coffee, underwood, wet rope, and a foxy hint. In the mouth, it has a wide full-body, perfectly balanced: fresh with silky tannins and an infinite persistence. A MUST!


  • 100% Croatina
  • 14%
  • Great with cold cuts, meats, medium to high-intensity cheese
  • From organic grapes, long maceration (40 days), without sulfur dioxide, native yeast, without filtration
  • Natural Wine. Certified Organic. Biodynamic. Vegan-friendly
  • 12mg/l
  • Cork


"Another great one by winemaker Podere Pradarolo!"



Alberto and Claudia of Podere Pradarolo

The Pradarolo Farm, located in the Parma hills between 250 and 500 mt,  was purchased in 1971 and in 1989 was converted to produce wine through a calling which has been long lost and extensively documented in the past. Alberto Carretti makes specific choices: production of biological grapes by using only copper and sulphur, ancient winemaking with the recovery of extensively long macerations for both white and red wines, native yeasts in order to obtain a wine which is healthy, long-lasting, natural, with an ancient flavour, original, and related to the territory.

The Pradarolo Farm in Serravalle is located in the town Varano de’ Melegari, the first town established in the CenoValley.