Lavia+ | Monastrell | Spain | 2015

Tasting NotesTasting NotesTasting Notes

Cherry red colour with medium depth. Intense bouquet with balsamic aromas (ceder) from the French oak ageing. Balanced mouthfeel, reminiscent of charcoal, nuts such as almond and pepper aftertaste. The tannins are pleasant and elegant.

Country: Spain
Region: Bullas
Winemaker: Bodegas Lavia
Varietal: 100% Monastrell
Style: Certified Organic. Aged 12months in 500litre Frenck oak barrels.
Vintage: 2015
Alcohol: 14.5%
Sulfite Content: 51mg/l



Bodegas Lavia: Wines from Bullas

In 2003, a group of winemaking enthusiasts, fascinated by the possibility of producing unique wines, joined together to create a winery with one mission: design quality wines from their own organically grown grapes.

Hence, Bodegas Lavia was born. A small sized winery that much respects the environment, naturally achieving a maximum balance in their crops and the ultimate expression in their wines. This winery's unique peculiarities, which perfectly meet the requirements to form part of MGWines Group's great family, led to their inclusion in the group during 2014.

A winery that practices organic agriculture

In 2004, Bodegas Lavia began with a small-sized winery but equipped with the latest technology. This winery has been designed to respect the beautiful nature that surrounds it. Its facilities include tanks made of stainless steel and French oak and reduced capacity between 5,000 and 10,000 kg.

The production is done naturally and traditionally, thus preserving the grapes' maximum expression and concentration, achieving complex and distinguishable wines.

Landscapes where Monastrell is the star

Located in Venta del Pino, an area with beautiful scenery and a strong wine tradition where the Pago wines (Spanish classification) of the Monastrell variety grown at altitude, 800 metres above sea level and over 40 years old.

The farm has 12 hectares of vineyard in the Monastrell variety, nestled in an alluvial valley with deep soils and poor organic matter. Moreover, it has a small plot of the Syrah variety that is blended with one of their most exquisite wines.

Essential conditions for Bodegas Lavia wines to acquire their personality are soils formed by clay, silts and gravel and a Mediterranean climate with continental influences.



Organic wines need organic grapes, so farmers eschew the use of artificial pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Easy, right?

Well, not quite. The US and EU, two of the most prominent bodies in the organic wine certification game, have different rules regarding ‘organic’, particularly concerning the cellaring practices (which relates to how wines are stored before getting into the bottle). 

So wine can be made with organically-grown grapes but needs to use organic yeast and avoid sulfites to be a USDA-certified organic wine. Similarly, complex rules exist in the EU, but total sulfite levels are limited (rather than banned). In both cases, the entire winemaking facility – and not just the farm – has to use organic practices.

That might seem complicated, but it’s easier if you just stick to the golden rule: follow the organic certification rules in respective winemaking regions. If possible, try to learn about the winemaker to see how they comply with organic legislation (or organic methods) in their country. If you ever get the chance, a visit to an organic farm is a fantastic opportunity to understand the sustainable vision of organic farmers.


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