Wine Club Subscription - Always Wallet-Friendly Wines (if you love your regular comforts, this is the bag)

We know how enjoyable it is to have a glass of wine with your meals. Here is a newly curated everyday wine that is friendly on your wallet and super tasty too. 4 bottles every four weeks, delivered to your doorstep. 

Our vision is to influence the wine system to drive sustainable agriculture practices. We work towards informing our growers of customers' demands to farm with a holistic view - both demand and supply. This is made possible through an online wine subscription model.

All the wines are specially curated by us and this time, we have a range of clean wines which we rotate over a period of three months. We learnt that most love to have their usual labels as their everyday wine. You know the taste and it is friendly on the wallet.

The value of this wine club subscription is worth S$160 and we have capped it at S$140, inclusive of a minimal charge of S$5 delivery fee every time (which will be added during check out). 

We will deliver your clean wines in a jute bag which is made from jute plant.The bag is eco-friendly and bio-degradable. We ask for the bags to be returned to us when we meet you on your 2nd delivery for them to be repurposed. After all, we are working towards a sustainable vision!  

Be on your way to drinking clean and expressive wines today. 


  • What is Brown Bag Wines Organic Wine Club all about?

It is a subscription program where you get minimal intervention wines delivered to your home on a regular basis.

  • How does it work?
Type of Bag Duration

No. of Bottles
Are The Labels Fixed
Everyday Wallet-Friendly Wine Bag
Every 4 weeks

Nine labels rotated throughout the year


  • What is the price like?
Type of Bag Price (S$/nett) and recurring

Inclusive of delivery

Everyday Wallet-Friendly Wine Bag
S$140 Yes


  • Is there a minimum commitment?

No, there is none. In the event you would like to opt-out from the Organic Wine Club, let us know one month in advance. 

  • Can I choose the wines?

We curate all our wines according to what we believe you would enjoy. They are predetermined ahead of time as this ladders up to our vision of working with the growers to grow what's needed. 

  • Are they all minimal intervention wines?

Yes they are. There may be certain months where we partner with external wine providers to lend variety to the selection.