Common Man Coffee Roasters | Coffee Beans | Risaralda, Colombia | Espresso Roast

These washed coffee beans are from a collaboration in partnership with Raw Material in Colombia. The beans were grown between 1400 and 1900 metres above sea level in the Risaralda Department, a western region of Colombia known for high quality coffee. Expect ripe cherry and mandarin orange flavours with a juicy, sweet finish. The beans have been roasted specifically for espresso.




Champions of speciality coffee in Singapore, Common Man Coffee Roasters celebrate the relationships formed throughout the journey between bean and cup – from the farmers and millers to baristas and drinkers.

A combination of experience and passion has culminated in a thriving café, academy and roastery, with their dedicated team continuously sharing their love for coffee in an approachable and enjoyable way.


Common Man Coffee Roasters are some of the good guys. We love their commitment to sourcing sustainable coffee, the ever-growing academy teaching people the ways of the coffee bean and their regular charity partnerships. Most of all though, we love the coffee!

We reckon that if you're a wine lover like us, you'll also be interested in exploring new flavours in your morning joe, from supple single blends to robust roasts. Give a couple of bags a try – we're sure you'll be converted to their brews as quickly as we were.


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