Achillée | Gewürztraminer | France | 2016

An intense yellow with a golden hue and slight cloudiness. This Gewürztraminer is intense on the nose with floral, candied, cooked fruits and roasted peanuts. On the palate, expect a lively flavour of spices. Pairs well with a range of Asian dishes and spicy foods.

Country: France
Region: Alsace
Winemaker: Achillée
Varietal: Gewurztraminer
Style: Biodynamic and vegan friendly. No filtration or sulfur added. Five months of fermentation, aging on lees in an Alsace barrel.
Vintage: 2016
Alcohol: 14%
Sulfite Content: 14mg/l

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The Dietrich family have been practising organic farming for 20 years and their estate, in the Alsace region of France, has been biodynamic-certified since 2003 by Demeter. In 2016 brothers Jean and Pierre joined Yves Dietrich to build an independent, passionate team. Their goal is to have a minimal impact on their environment, so they ensure that the fields and vines they farm are touched by human hands as rarely as possible.

The name Achillée comes from a flower used in biodynamics, which shares the rays of the sun equitably. It is in this egalitarian spirit that the domain is managed, between the family and the estate's staff.


Biodynamic wines are made using a series of farming procedures developed from the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. There’s a focus on the entire vineyard as an ecosystem, with the vines co-existing with other plants, animals and the soil. 

There’s a commitment to the cycles of the moon, strict fertilization preparations (including burying manure in a cow’s horn over the winter!) and many other recommended farming practices. Although biodynamic wines are made in an organic way, they have different certification methods (from bodies like Demeter and Biodyvin) and slightly different rules concerning sulfites.

One thing that separates biodynamic wine producers from many other winemakers is the intense ways they care for the land. All biodynamic farming principles used are concerned with caring for the vineyard ecosystem as a whole. So if you find a biodynamic wine, you can be pretty sure the producers have been thinking long and hard about how to create green, sustainable wines.


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