July2021 Deluxe Wine Bag

Spice up your month of July with this selection of always-minimal intervention wines. Four bottles of two whites and two reds from Italy and Spain.

Bianco Carbo by Lammidia (Italy) (Level of overall body, acidity, profile and strength - 4/5)

Bianco Carbo by Lammidia   Bianco Carbo by Lammidia     
A complex and unique orange wine from the Abruzzo region of central Italy. Balsamic and floral notes complement the bright acidity, with crisp citrus, mango and tropical fruits coming through on the dry finish. A blend of 50% Trebbiano, 30% Cococciola and 20% Passerina.  Biodynamic and vegan friendly. Full carbonic maceration for one week, six months ageing in fibreglass.

Lama Chardonnay by Fattoria il Muro (Italy) (Level of overall body, acidity, profile and strength - 4/5)

Lama Chardonnay   Federico of Fattoria Il Muro

A pale straw-white Chardonnay with golden reflections and an extraordinary range of floral notes. Strong mineral aromas lead to green, floral scents with hints of elderflower and spicy notes. On the palate, fruity and crispy with well balanced acidity make this a perfect choice for lighter dishes – think seafood, white meats and salads. Since taking over the vineyards from his father, Federico Pancaro has modernised the organic techniques used to produce the delicious Il Muro wines. With rich soil and temperate climate in the hills of Tuscany, Federico and his team strive to produce brilliant grapes that reflect the unique Tuscan terroir. Federico’s enthusiasm, love for nature and respect for the environment are the secret ingredients in their recipe to maintain the highest quality wines, but modern techniques and an understanding of sustainability and also helping to drive the vineyard’s production.

Lavia+ by Lavia (Spain) (Level of overall body, acidity, profile and strength - 5/5)

Lavia+ by Lavia   Lavia+ by Lavia   

Cherry red colour with medium depth. Intense bouquet with balsamic aromas (ceder) from the French oak ageing. Balanced mouthfeel, reminiscent of charcoal, nuts such as almond and pepper aftertaste. The tannins are pleasant and elegant. 

A small sized winery that much respects the environment, naturally achieving a maximum balance in their crops and the ultimate expression in their wines. This winery's unique peculiarities, which perfectly meet the requirements to form part of MGWines Group's great family, led to their inclusion in the group during 2014.

Eclectic 2016 by Torre del Veguer (Spain) (Level of overall body, acidity, profile and strength - 5/5)

Eclectic 2016 by Torre del Veguer   Eclectic 2016 by Torre del Veguer

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Garnacha with red berry forest fruits aromas, dashes of chocolate and vanilla coming from the aging of oak barrels. Great balance between acidity and alcohol. 



If you fancy another bottle (or two or three or more), don't hesitate to reach out to us as you'll receive 10% off the wine and pay only a discounted fee for delivery.