Thank you for wanting to find out more!

This page is dedicated only if you are a winemaker. 

This is a platform created to bridge the world between you, the winemaker and consumers. Individuals will shop and purchase directly from you via us. We will aid in getting the air freight organised and clear the wines once they arrive Singapore port. We will also be sending the wines directly to the consumers. This is an end-to-end service, with logistics and marketing all organised under one consolidated platform. 


If you are keen to list with us, this is a set of criteria that we asked to be fulfilled before proceeding further. 

1. You must minimally be certified in organic winemaking, vegan, biodynamic or natural winemaking.

2. You are currently not represented in Singapore.

3. You are looking to partner with the right platform, a true advocate of presenting minimal intervention wines to a larger audience.


So here is how it works.

1. Drop us an email to let us know of your interest - 

2. We will send you a document with all the information.

3. Once you have agreed with the information in the documentation, we will onboard you through a video call. 

4. You will provide details of the wine and furnish images (of the bottle and your logo) to start listing with us. We will share a template to ensure all information and images published are consistent with the rest of winemakers. 

5. It goes live in two weeks. 

6. Pricing:

  • Listing fee is $8 per label every month
  • The breakdown - $2 goes to Google Search Adwords based on a set of trending keywords, $2 goes to general advertising (such as Facebook and Instagram), $4 to list which goes to the platform for administration of this process
  • 50% payment will be invoiced at the start, and second 50% at the end of every month
  • Payment is via credit card which information will be shown on the invoice

7. Performance report is issued at the end of every month.

8. A minimum commitment of three months is advised to determine its true effectiveness.

9. We encourage you to give one month's notice period if you'd like to opt out. 

10. We will upload the product(s). 

11. All advertising on Facebook or Instagram will be based on our creative design at point of publishing. Search words is based on Google Adword trending keywords that we deem fit at point of buying the set of words. 

12. Anything else, drop us a message!