Frequently Asked Questions



  • What are the plan options available to me?

We have two types of plans available - one-off and on subscription basis. The one-off plan works on a no-commitment basis whilst the wine program works on recurring plan based on your selected duration.  


  • Is there a minimum order? 

You may order any number of bottles for the one-off plan. As for the subscription plan, the minimum number of 4 bottles. 


  • What are the wines available?

We have still white and red wines as well as bubbly. They all range from light to full-bodied.  


  • Where are the wines from?

Our wines are currently sourced from Europe - France, Italy, Spain and Austria. We are in the midst of expanding our range.


  • Can I choose the wines for the wine box?

We curate all our wines according to what we believe our customers would enjoy. All wines are specially curated by us and the choice of wines are predetermined ahead of time. This ladders to our vision of working with the growers to grow what's needed. Every customer who starts off on the wine subscription plan will receive the same set as the rest of the customers.




  • How much is the subscription plan?
The regular wine bag is priced at S$185 each, which comes with 4 bottles of natural wines. This includes a nominal fee of S$5 for delivery. 




  • Is there a minimum commitment (or contract)?
    No, there is no minimum commitment ie. time frame for the one-off purchases or even subscription wine plans.
    • Can I change or cancel my order?
    You may cancel the subscription plan with one month's notice given. As for the one-off purchases, you may change your order. As for a refund, we are unable to do so as we would have started processing your order.


    • What is natural wine?

    Natural is a philosophy, backed by organic and/or bio-dynamic as methods of wine making.


    • What is an organic wine?
    It means that the wines are free from pesticides, herbicides and free of artificial fertilisers. 

    • What is a bio-dynamic wine?
    Bio-dynamic wine is a method that relies on the interaction and integration of the natural bio diversity to control the wine making process. For example, the wine growers would have cows on the farm so that the manure acts as natural fertilisers. Or, the wine growers would irrigate during the new moon as that is when the soil has the most moisture. In the organic and bio-dynamic world, it is labor intensive. It is not a simple but complex process that relies heavily on science to gain control in the entire wine making journey. All to produce a clean, elegant and expressive bottle of wine.