Email us if you would like any wines delivered between 24 to 28.02.2020 as our delivery service is closed for the Lunar New Year. We'd love to help.



  • Where are the wines from?

Our wines are currently sourced from Europe - Chile, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria - and Australia.

  • What types of wines are available?

We have still, bubbly, red, white, rose and orange wines. They all range from light to full-bodied. 

  • What is a natural wine?

Natural wine is a philosophy backed by organic and biodynamic winemaking. 

  • What is an organic wine?

The organic winemaking omits any use of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers. The added sulphite is also greatly reduced against what is allowed by the local country's local organic regulation.

  • What is a biodynamic wine?

The biodynamic wine making uses nature to interact and integrate with one another ensuring a closed loop system. 

  • Can wine be vegan friendly?

Yes! It omits the use of any additives such as egg whites, fish products or milk during its wine making process.



  • What is Brown Bag Wines Organic Wine Club all about?

It is a subscription program where you get minimal intervention wines delivered to your home on a regular basis.

  • What are the options available to me?
Type of Bag Duration
No. of Bottles
Are The Labels Fixed
Premium Wine Bag  Choice of 1-12 weeks 4 Vary each time/bag (with occasional repeats!)
Everyday Wallet-Friendly Wine Bag
Every 6 weeks 4 Nine labels rotated throughout the year
Peekaboo Bag
Every 4 weeks 1 Vary each time/bag


  • What are the prices like?
Type of Bag Price (S$/nett) and recurring
Inclusive of delivery
Premium Wine Bag  S$185 Yes
Everyday Wallet-Friendly Wine Bag
S$140 Yes
Peekaboo Bag
S$55 Yes


  • Is there a minimum commitment?

No, there is none. In the event you would like to opt-out from the Wine Club, let us know one month in advance. 

  • Can I choose the wines?

We curate all our wines according to what we believe you would enjoy. They are predetermined ahead of time as this ladders up to our vision of working with the growers to grow what's needed. 

  • Are they all minimal intervention wines?

Yes, they are. There may be certain months where we partner with external wine providers to lend variety in the selection. 



  • What payment methods are accepted?

We accept bank transfer, checks or PayNow. The payment details are reflected in our invoices.