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Here you'll find our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question we haven't anwered here, please drop us an email.

What can we help with?

  1. About Our Wines
  2. Organic Wine Club
  3. Delivery
  4. Payment

1. About our wines

  • Where are your wines sourced from?

Our wines are currently sourced from Europe - France, Italy, Spain, Austria - and Australia.

  • What types of wines are available?

We have a full range of still, sparkling, red, white, rose and orange wines. All the wines are organic, and many come are made using natural and biodynamic methods. There's also a range of profiles to suit all tastes, from light to full-bodied. 

  • What is the difference between organic, natural and biodynamic wines?

Organic winemaking omits any use of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers. The added sulphite is also greatly reduced against what is allowed by the local country's local organic regulation.

Both natural wine and biodynamic winemaking are minimal-intervention philosophies backed by organic practices. Biodynamic has strict farming practies to adhere to, and wines are certified by international bodies. Natural winemaking has no certification, but winemakers hold a set of strong pricinples concerning the use of machinery and more modern techniques. Take a look at our Wine Blog for more information around all of these practices.

  • Is your wine vegan friendly?

Yes. The wine we source omits the use of any additives such as egg whites, fish products or milk during its wine making process.

2. Organic Wine Club

  • What is it?

The Organic Wine Club is a subscription program where four minimal-intervention wines are delivered directly to your home every four weeks. The labels change each rotation, but all wines are organic, natural or biodynamic. You'll receive a range of styles from a variety of producers. You can inform us of any preferences before you subscribe.

  • What are the options available to me?
Wine Club Level Frequency
No. of Bottles
Are The Labels Fixed?
Premium Wine Bag  Every 4 weeks 4 Vary each time/bag (with occasional repeats!)
Everyday Wallet-Friendly Wine Bag
Every 4 weeks 4 Nine labels rotated throughout the year


  • What are the prices like?
Type of Bag Price (S$/nett) and recurring
Inclusive of delivery
Premium Wine Bag  S$185 Yes
Everyday Wallet-Friendly Wine Bag
S$140 Yes


  • Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, for three months. We believe that try the wines out over a period of time where there is enough variety for you to make an informed decision about the wine club subscription. In the event you would like to opt-out from the Organic Wine Club, simply let us know one month in advance. 

  • Can I choose the wines?

We curate all our wines according to what is available from each of our producers. The wines are predetermined ahead of time as is directly linked to our vision of sustainability and working with the growers to grow what's needed. There's a range of organic, biodynamic and natural wines in all of our subscriptions, and we include a variety of styles and tastes. If you have particular preferences about your wine choices, do let us know before hand. 

  • Are there other perks?

Subscribers will receive a subsciber discount and reduced delivery on all additional wine purchases – email us to receive your discounts. There will also be regular seasonal gifts as part of your subscription.

3. Delivery

  • Is delivery included in the wine price?

Delivery is included in your monthly subscription to the Organic Wine Club. Deliveries for other wine purchases will incur a $15 island-wide fee (reduced for subscribers).

  • When do you deliver?

Our Organic Wine Club delivery days are every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1pm to 6pm. At check-out, select a date and time that you would like us to deliver your wine order. If none of these days work for you, not to worry, leave us a note at check-out and we'd be happy to accommodate a date and time that work for you.

You will receive a message on the morning of the selected delivery date confirming your order as well a notification just before we arrive at your place. We look forward to seeing you.

See our additional delivery help here.

4. Payment

  • What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit card, bank transfer, checks or PayNow. The payment details are reflected in our invoices.

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