French Wine Warehouse Sale

French Wine Sale
We've hand-selected some incredibly unique organic French wines from a few of our favourite winemakers as part of our French Wine Warehouse Sale!

We're running a short warehouse sale on some of our most exclusive sustainable wines, so for a short time you'll be able to get our best prices yet. You can purchase all these wines in cases of three, meaning you'll be stocked up for those special ocassion dinners.

Important notice! Once these wines are gone, they're gone (and as they're so delicious, we know they'll be gone soon) – so make sure to hurry! As the wines are already at a discounted price, additional discounts can't be accepted.

Du Mourre Du Tendre
Jacques Paumel

Château du Mourre du Tendre
Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Southern Rhône

Du Mourre Du Tendre wines
$200 for three bottles ($67 each)

(RRP S$90 each)

Marine Roussel

Domaine Du Joncier
Tavel, Southern Rhône

$150 for three bottles ($50 each)

(RRP S$65 each)

Florence & Benoît Chazallon

Château de la Selve
Grospierres, Ardèche

$270 for six bottles ($45 each)

(RRP S$60 each)

Véronique Cochran

Château Falfas
Bayon-sur-Gironde, Bordeaux

$420 for six bottles ($70 each)

(RRP S$100 each)