Aivonne Chong, Founder of Brown Bag Wines

I founded Brown Bag Wines in 2016. My background is in advertising but in early 2016, I decided to take the plunge in joining the world of entrepreneurship. I started this company with the honest intention of making clean and expressive wines accessible to people who believe in living consciously and beautifully. 

I truly enjoy drinking wine. I am not a wine snob where I can break down every taste profile. I just know I enjoy a glass with my meal and love a glass everyday...(well, maybe two on some days). I truly believe wine is a personal taste and it is a function of "Yes, this is nice. I like it.". Simple as that.

We work with a select group of wine growers. I meet each and everyone of them. We get on FaceTime calls too. They are passionate and enthusiastic individuals. We would like to introduce you to them (in some way or another. I know, we do not have near access to the vineyards). We would like you to 'meet' them. Get to know them. After all, they have worked relentlessly in farming and growing the product that we ultimately enjoy today - a clean and expressive glass of wine. 

So here we are. Brown Bag Wines is our company name. An underdog with a big ambition.