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August 2021 Deluxe Wine Bag

Check out this month's bundle of two whites and two reds to whet your appetite. Wines ranging from crisp white to full-bodied red, all made with minimal intervention, ready to be discovered in your Deluxe Wine Bag. 

Zudugarai by Txakoli Zudugarai DO (Spain) (Level of overall body, acidity, profile and strength - 4/5)

Zudugarai Txakoli      Crisp white wine 

Prepared with Zudugarai vineyard’s grapes. The oldest Txakoli cellar in the Cantabrian Coast. Grapevine and espalier structured. Pale yellow with golden hue intakes. Greenish and grey iridescent in thin layer, inherent in Zudugarai variety. Long lasting and balanced mouthfeel. Good aromatic intensity, mainly with herb tones, green apple and citrus, where brewer’s yeast and pulp notes appear. Interesting nose. Fresh and light. Good aromatic intensity and expressive.

Signature Verdil by Neleman (Spain) (Level of overall body, acidity, profile and strength - 5/5)

Organic White Wine   Organic White Wine 

"Delicious combination of fresh Verdil and full-bodied Chardonnay. The aging on yeast cells gives the wine a full, rich structure without becoming bulky or heavy. Perfectly balanced!" Derrick Neleman
The freshness of the Verdil in combination with the full, richer taste of the Chardonnay makes this white wine perfectly balanced. You smell and taste ripe apple, pear and some spiciness. The taste is soft and round with a very seductive aftertaste. To enjoy! 

Chianti by Fattoria di Gratena (Italy) (Level of overall body, acidity, profile and strength - 3/5)

Chianti by Fattoria di Gratena   Chianti by Fattoria di Gratena 

Featuring perfectly blended Sangiovese grapes, this organic Chianti is laced with red fruits and underlying sweet spice aromas. It is toasty, medium bodied with a lingering finish. The rippling acidity makes this a fantastic partner to tomato-based pasta dishes or grilled meats. 

Fabio di Ambrogi, the fantastic winemaker from Fattoria di Gratena, in Tuscany, has been farming his vines organically since 1994. His team fertilize with manure only, harvest by hand and respect the natural cycles of the vineyard.


Borgogne Rouge by Domaine Louis Chenu (France) (Level of overall body, acidity, profile and strength - 5/5)

French Pinot Noir   

A delicious, easy-drinking Burgundy made from old vines with low yields. Lots of cherry on the nose with young herbs and some slate minerality. Typical pinot earthiness with some nice acidity – best enjoyed in its youth, potentially as a partner to some cheese.



If you fancy another bottle (or two or three or more), don't hesitate to reach out to us as you'll receive 10% off the wine and pay only a discounted fee for delivery.