Behind every brand is a story. A story where the produce is farmed and nourished. 

Most often than not, we don't have the opportunity to appreciate it as the end product goes through many layers before it reaches us. I believe it is nice to remind ourselves every now and then, the hard work and love that every farmer, grower and worker who relentlessly contribute to a finished product that we ultimately enjoy. 

 Here, we want to share with you some of the wine growers we work with and have a personal relationship with. More importantly, they believe in the same philosophy - to build a community of wine drinkers, growers who enjoy drinking low intervention wines and paying it forward.


The team at Riberach - Guilhem, Luc, Jean-Michel, Moritz and Patrick - believes in striking a good balance between nature, life and wine project. They believe in sharing the feeling that the all wines are unique. They don’t want to make boring wines. Afterall, it is striking a good balance. You don’t see the faults.We feel proud when people try our wines.


I remember meeting Dr. Martin for the first time in London. He is a down to earth and passionate gentleman. Coming from a medical background, his vision is to bring out the character of the land, people and spirit.He feels life is too precious hence his decision to go into biologic wine making, giving nature as much reign as possible, minimising on human intervention. 


I met Alex and Maria for the first time in March 2017. We had coffee and chatted the afternoon away. They shared their philosophy in wine making - no manipulation as they believe in producing great wines. They are honest wine makers who is looking to pass their business to their three boys. I hope you get the chance to meet them personally one day!


Eric Thill, our winemaker from Cotes du Jura,  a father of two kids who named his Brut after his bubbly and persistent son Adrian, is the second generation wine maker. A humble and quiet man who believes in bringing smiles to peoples' faces when they drink his wines. He once told me that "Organic certification is important as it tells you how it is made." 


I first met Alberto in London, back in March 2017. He strikes me as warm and kind gentleman (almost a fatherly figure!). I remember meeting the rest of the team, growers of various vineyards, as part of the consortium that Alberto manages. They were all very friendly and enthusiastic about their wines, its tradition and methods behind the wine making process. 


Meet Fabio di Ambrogi, our wine grower from Fattoria di Gratena, an Italian Chianti wine producer. Fabio's technical and approach to wine making is influenced by the Japanese philosophy of operating with transparency and precision. With that, he produces wine for what nature has to offer and celebrates it, similarly to how he produces his olive oils. 

Chateau de GAURE, FRANCE

Pierre is the 3rd generation winemaker in his family. Started off as an engineer, Pierre decided to start wine making at the age of 40. His grandparents never believe one could produce great wines being in the region of Languedoc. Pierre's ambition was to prove them wrong, to produce wines that one would be proud of to export and drunk by many people around the world. 


Meet Philippe, wine maker from Chateau Massereau, located in Barsac, Bordeaux France. A natural wine advocate who believes that when one treats the wine and terroir with respect (just as to yourself), "you will produce the wine of time, to develop all the bouquet and aromas." resulting in a beautiful bottle of wine. Philippe and his brother Jean are in this family business.


I remember meeting Mariagrazia in November 2017 here in Singapore. She struck me as a simple lady and little did I know, she is the second generation winemaker after her dad. She is now in the business with her brother Claudia, alongside with their families who are steering organic and biodynamic winemaking from their home ground in Piedmont, Italy.