About Conversations Marketplace

Our Story


Conversations Marketplace was founded with the vision of providing consumers access to a variety of wines to wine-lovers across Singapore. Featuring wines from Europe, Australia and beyond, we work with a list list of wine distributors who look to provide accessible and approachable wines to our customers. Our extensive selection includes classical, organic, biodynamic and natural wines in a range of styles.

Today, Conversations Marketplace continues to foster a community of wine drinkers and organic producers across the world. We are committed to finding producers who value sustainable farming practices and introducing them to our customers. In line with Aivonne’s founding vision, all our wines are both fair for the independent producers and great value for our customers, ensuring that our wined are treasured on the dinner tables and in the kitchens across Singapore.

Find our more about the fantastic independent winemakers we work with here.


Our Founder

“I just love the combination of people, food and wine coming together and what you get out of that, the laughter, the memories, the friendships, the stories that are shared, that in itself, makes me happy!”

Aivonne Chong founded Conversations Marketplace in 2021. Moving from the advertising industry, Aivonne was keen to put her love of wine, food and sustainable living into a business that connects like-minded people.

Interested in learning more about Aivonne’s founding vision? Take a look at this short video, where Aivonne discusses the reasons behind starting Brown Bag Wines, her first business and her key philosophy.