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Torre del Veguer | Eclectic | Spain | 2016

Tasting NotesTasting Notes

Handpicked harvest in 20kg crates, this blend of red wine is rich in red berry forest fruits, dashes of chocolate and vanilla aromas originating from the aging in oak barrels. The notes also exhibit aromas of red bell pepper, dry Mediterranean herbs such as white pepper. There is a great balance between acidity and alcohol. It is a modern wine that is sappy, with a fresh and mentholated aftertaste. Pairs well with steak tartar, light cheeses and salads.

Country: Spain
Region: Penedes
Winemaker: Torre del Veguer
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Garnacha
Style: Certified Organic. Vegan. Aging part of in selected French and America oak barrels.
Vintage: 2016
Alcohol: 13.5%
Sulfite Content: 42mg/l



Torre del Veguer: Wines from Penedes

Torre del Veguer

Torre del Veguer vineyards are oriented to the south, to Mediterranean Sea, on calcareous soils formed by quaternary floods, with sandy texture and very low organic material content. All plots surround the winery closer than 800 meters. 

The vineyard was one of the main crops of the Penedes region until the end of the 19th century, the phylloxera plague completely ruined the vineyards of Catalonia. The tenacity of the farmers to replant their vineyards with the American foot, after grafting it with genuine varieties, laid the foundations for solid and high-quality production. Today the vineyard is experiencing a new height and many of the abandoned fields are being recovered. The winegrowers of the region produce excellent wines and cavas from the varieties of white grapes (Malvasia de Sitges, Xarel·lo and Muscat) and black (Cariñena, Garnacha, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) within the DO Penedès, with the character that gives the Mediterranean climate together with the clayey limestone soil of Garraf. 


Organic wines need organic grapes, so farmers eschew the use of artificial pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Easy, right?

Well, not quite. The US and EU, two of the most prominent bodies in the organic wine certification game, have different rules regarding ‘organic’, particularly concerning the cellaring practices (which relates to how wines are stored before getting into the bottle). 

So wine can be made with organically-grown grapes but needs to use organic yeast and avoid sulfites to be a USDA-certified organic wine. Similarly, complex rules exist in the EU, but total sulfite levels are limited (rather than banned). In both cases, the entire winemaking facility – and not just the farm – has to use organic practices.

That might seem complicated, but it’s easier if you just stick to the golden rule: follow the organic certification rules in respective winemaking regions. If possible, try to learn about the winemaker to see how they comply with organic legislation (or organic methods) in their country. If you ever get the chance, a visit to an organic farm is a fantastic opportunity to understand the sustainable vision of organic farmers.


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