Christmas 2021

Christmas Awesome Box

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At Brown Bag Wines, we are all about minimal intervention wines. We love nothing more than seeing our customers bring sustainable wines to the dinner tables of Singapore, where laughter, stories and memories are shared. 

This Christmas Awesome Box With Red And White Wine has the perfect combination of festive treats for you or your friends. 


  • 1 x Bottle of organic Il Muro Chianti Riserva by Fattoria il Muro 750ml still red wine. A ruby, violet wine. Pleasant and floral with spicy hints and a fragrant fruity background. Goes well with light to medium meals, soups, braised meat and noodles. This Tempranillo from Valencia is deliciously spicy and full of red fruit. 

  • 1 x Bottle of organic, vegan Signature Verdil by Neleman 750ml still white wine. "Delicious combination of fresh Verdil and full-bodied Chardonnay. The aging on yeast cells gives the wine a full, rich structure without becoming bulky or heavy. Perfectly balanced!" Derrick Neleman

  • 3 x Blocks of Cheeses

  • 1 x Box of Crackers

  • 1 x Bar of Chocolate

  • 1 x Small Pot of Succulent Plant
  • 1 x Christmas packaging with card (with your message)

  • 1 x Delivery to one location (within Singapore)

Order now and have it delivered to your guest for an enjoyable treat.

The selection of items is subject to change depending on availability. Replacement items would be of similar type and/or value. 

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