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Biodynamic Wines

(White) Lama | Chardonnay | Italy | 2018

Tasting NotesTasting NotesTasting Notes

A pale straw-white Chardonnay with golden reflections and an extraordinary range of floral notes. Strong mineral aromas lead to green, floral scents with hints of elderflower and spicy notes. On the palate, fruity and crispy with well balanced acidity make this a perfect choice for lighter dishes – think seafood, white meats and salads.

Country: Italy
Region: Chianti
Winemaker: Fattoria II Muro
Varietal: Chardonnay
Style: Organic and vegan-friendly. Fermentation in stainless steel with a short maturation in both barrique (40%) and steel tanks (60%).
Vintage: 2018
Alcohol: 12.5%
Sulfite Content: 85mg/l


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Fattoria II Muro has been owned by the Pancaro family for more than two centuries. Its land has always been used for producing grapes, thanks to its particular environmental conditions that are ideal for producing wine in an environmentally sustainable way.

Since taking over the vineyards from his father, Federico Pancaro has modernised the organic techniques used to produce the delicious Il Muro wines. With rich soil and temperate climate in the hills of Tuscany, Federico and his team strive to produce brilliant grapes that reflect the unique Tuscan terroir.

Federico’s enthusiasm, love for nature and respect for the environment are the secret ingredients in their recipe to maintain the highest quality wines, but modern techniques and an understanding of sustainability and also helping to drive the vineyard’s production.


Organic wines need organic grapes, so farmers eschew the use of artificial pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. The US and EU, two of the most prominent bodies in the organic wine certification game, have different rules regarding ‘organic’, particularly concerning the cellaring practices (which relates to how wines are stored before getting into the bottle).

So wine can be made with organically-grown grapes but needs to use organic yeast and avoid sulfites to be a USDA-certified organic wine. Similarly, complex rules exist in the EU, but total sulfite levels are limited (rather than banned). In both cases, the entire winemaking facility – and not just the farm – has to use organic practices.

That might seem complicated, but it’s easier if you just stick to the golden rule: follow the organic certification rules in respective winemaking regions. If possible, try to learn about the winemaker to see how they comply with organic legislation (or organic methods) in their country. If you ever get the chance, a visit to an organic farm is a fantastic opportunity to understand the sustainable vision of organic farmers.


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