Martin Kerres of Valdonica


“Valdonica happened to me, it was not planned. When looking for a small summer house Valdonica found me: I was touched to the bottom of my soul by the beauty of its nature! A few years later my life changed completely and I moved here – Valdonica has become my home.”

Dr. Martin Kerres, Valdonica

Using cutting-edge technology to make some of the best organic wines out there, Valdonica blends modernism with traditional Tuscan heritage. There’s a keen focus on the quality of the Tuscan soil, which is left untouched, producing delicious expressions of terroir in the wines. The uniqueness of Valdonica lies in the interplay of high altitude vineyards (up to 500 meters), the microclimate of the Mediterranean Sea, the volcanic soil and the spirit of their enthusiastic team.

Valdonica was born in 2008 with five wines made. From the vineyard to the bottle, the winemakers follow the flow of nature; fermenting in small batches with natural yeasts, and maturing in barriques or stainless steel. They continue to work with the greatest respect for nature, promoting minimal intervention but maximum flavour.


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