Chateau de la Selve

Château de la Selve

The Château de la Selve in the Ardèche was originally a stronghold on the borders of the French Empire and then of the Kingdom of France. It was then the hunting lodge of an illustrious family from Vivarais, the Dukes of Joyeuse, before becoming over the centuries a farm. Now run by a team headed by Florence and Benoît Chazallon, the estate produces wines set in a wonderfully picturesque location.

The team’s objective retains a keen focus on the condition of the vines and soil, promoting the natural defences of the vines through biodynamic winemaking techniques. Florence and Benoît’s wines are cut with a delicious minerality and a finesse that is truly an expression of themselves. In the cellar, they adopt a low-intervention approach, naturally aiding the wine along its journey to create lively wines that reflect the unique Ardèche terroir.


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