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Paone | Fiano | Italy | 2015

This straw yellow, minerally white wine is expressive with notes of lemon zest, hay and smoke. The flavours are wonderfully balanced and pronounced. Great with spicy Asian dishes, cheeses or cream-based sauces.

Country: Italy
Region: Campania
Winemaker: Cantina Del Barone
Varietal: Fiano
Style: Vegan friendly. Whole cluster fermentation in stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeasts. Aged in stainless steel tanks for about eight months on lees.
Vintage: 2015

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While the Sarno family has worked the land at the Cantina del Barone estate for over one hundred years, the property originally belonged to a wealthy baron from Naples who relied on the Sarnos to tend to his hazelnut trees and vegetable plots. However, in 1985, Antonio Sarno purchased the estate from the Barone and planted the first Fiano vines in 1985.

Located in the hilly region known as Irpinia, just twenty miles inland of Mount Vesuvius, this small family vineyard is ideally situated to benefit from a terroir that is home to one of Italy’s most noble white wines. Fiano thrives in these dark, sandy volcanic soils laden with shell deposits, benefitting from long, hot days and cool nights thanks to the influence of surrounding mountains.

Now Antonio’s son Luigi has brought a new enthusiasm to the family operation. As a result of modernisation combined with new organic techniques, Cantina del Barone’s Fiano expresses real elegance. With a commitment to organic and sustainable practices, these are some fantastic wines that we’re delighted to share.


Organic wines need organic grapes, so farmers eschew the use of artificial pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. The US and EU, two of the most prominent bodies in the organic wine certification game, have different rules regarding ‘organic’, particularly concerning the cellaring practices (which relates to how wines are stored before getting into the bottle).

So wine can be made with organically-grown grapes but needs to use organic yeast and avoid sulfites to be a USDA-certified organic wine. Similarly, complex rules exist in the EU, but total sulfite levels are limited (rather than banned). In both cases, the entire winemaking facility – and not just the farm – has to use organic practices.

That might seem complicated, but it’s easier if you just stick to the golden rule: follow the organic certification rules in respective winemaking regions. If possible, try to learn about the winemaker to see how they comply with organic legislation (or organic methods) in their country. If you ever get the chance, a visit to an organic farm is a fantastic opportunity to understand the sustainable vision of organic farmers.


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