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(Orange) Bianco Carbo | Trebbiano Blend | Italy | 2019

Tasting NotesTasting NotesTasting Notes

A complex and unique orange wine from the Abruzzo region of central Italy. Balsamic and floral notes compliment the bright acidity, with crisp citrus, mango and tropical fruits coming through on the dry finish. Lots to like in this natural wine – try with roasted lamb, aubergine or boldly-spiced curries.

Country: Italy
Region: Abruzzo
Winemaker: Lammidia
Varietal: 50% Trebbiano, 30% Cococciola, 20% Passerina
Style: Biodynamic and vegan friendly. Full carbonic maceration for one week, six months ageing in fibreglass.
Vintage: 2019
Alcohol: 10.5%
Sulfite Content: 1mg/l



Alberto and Claudia of Podere Pradarolo

Based in Villa Celiera, a part of the Pescara province in the historic region of Abruzzo, the Lammidia vineyard is perched on a hillside just a stone’s throw from the Adriatic Sea. With such beautiful winegrowing land surrounding them, it’s no wonder Davide and Marco run their vineyard with such commitment to the natural environment. Childhood friends and both intensely curious, the pair craft minimal-intervention wines that reject the orthodoxy that they saw in the wine world when researching for their first vines.

Wines are created in small batches with minimal intervention throughout the processes; grapes are picked by a small troupe of loyal friends and are then fermented spontaneously in custom-made concrete and fibreglass containers. The wines aren’t filtered nor fined, as Davide and Marco aim to keep the wine ‘alive’ in the bottle. As with many natural wines, these decisions ensure tasting each bottle is a new experience, whether from the same vintage or not. We think you’ll love their intriguing wines as much as we do. In the words of Davide and Marco, “The good guys always win!”.


More a movement than a set of certified winemaking procedures, there are no rigid definitions of natural wine. Natural wines from different producers can be incredibly diverse, ranging in styles and profiles due to the varying production methods. The lack of legislation often frees winemakers to make expressive and interesting wines.

Natural wines are made with as minimal intervention as possible, be it the techniques, additives or everything in between. The goal is to get a wine made with minimal processing, natural yeast and no additional sulfites so that it serves as the best possible expression of the vineyard.

Now, there’s plenty of wriggle room here. Natural winemakers disagree on various practices, including adding some sulphites and filtering the finished wine. They agree on the basics, though: if treated sustainably, the vineyard can produce delicious wines using techniques that have existed for thousands of years. Natural methods can produce truly fantastic, complex wines, and the growing popularity of the movement means there is more choice than ever for the natural wine enthusiast.


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