From the South of Piemonte, Claudio and Mariagrazia run the Icardi estate, following in their father’s footsteps. The estate has over a century of winemaking history, but now, along with the ‘new generation’ – Ivan, Luca and Sara – they are forward-thinking, passionate winemakers with a deep knowledge of organic winemaking.

The team have a deep respect for the cycle of the seasons and the rhythms of nature. They let flowers and plants grow between grape rows and never use nitrogen fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. Vineyards are thinned regularly and the soil has a regular boost of green manure. Their winemaking techniques, combined with keeping uncultivated woods to foster animal and plant diversity, makes them leaders in the organic winemaking field.

You’ll find all their wines well-balanced, fruity and refined – perfect examples of brilliant organic winemaking.


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