Eric Thill of Domaine Thill

Vins du Eric and Bérengère Thill

Eric Thill, our winemaker from Côtes du Jura, is a humble and quiet father of two who believes in bringing smiles to peoples' faces when they drink his wines. To him, "organic certification is important as it tells you how it is made."

Vins du Eric and Bérengère Thill are made in the south of the Jura, some 45 kilometres south of Arbois. Here they grow the traditional Jura grape varieties including 3.25 hectares of chardonnay, 1 hectare of Savagnin, .35 hectares of Pinot Noir and .7 hectares of Poulsard. They were certified organic by Ecocert in 2015.

Eric was originally from Alsace and prefers to work with single grape varieties. Living in the village of Trenal, close to the commune of Gevingey, they are able to plant vines close to the local forests which allows for increased diversity. Committed to minimal-intervention, Eric and Bérengère represent the philosophy behind Brown Bag Wines: independent winemakers working towards a sustainable vision of wines. And they’re delicious, too!


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