Philippe Chateau Massereau

Château Massereau

The beautiful Château Massereau is located in Barsac, about thirty kilometres southeast of Bordeaux, and contains around ten hectares of vineyards. The Chaigneau family bought the château in 2000, recognising the originality of a vineyard that had not been re-planted like the rest of the appellation and still contained the original Semillon and muscadelle vines that made Sauternes famous.

The vineyards had also never seen the intensified industrialized production that had hit the rest of the appellation: they were a little oasis of natural historical vineyards, in what had otherwise become a large Sauternes factory. True to the history of the property, the family decided to continue to farm the vineyard in the most natural way possible: no chemicals are ever used and the results are astonishing.


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