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Chateau Haut Veyrac

Château Haut Veyrac

“Respecting the environment is not an obstacle; it's the intangible conditions, a guarantee of success and longevity that requires us to a great daily requirement for us and our valued partners. A vineyard is not built in a fortnight, it is shaped over time; vine does not give her full expression after 40 years!”

Jacqueline and Gerard Castaing Claverie inherited Château Haut Veyrac from their father, himself from a long line of winemakers. Nowadays, the estate is run by Caroline, Olivia and Guillaume who preside over the 10 hectares of exceptional vineyards. Overlooking the village of Saint-Emilion, Haut Veyrac’s clay and limestone soil gives fantastic conditions for growing merlot and cabernet franc.

The team have a respect for their terroir that guides every decision in their winemaking, whether in the vineyard or the cellar. They have adopted new winemaking techniques to form a sort of “bio-protection” when vatting – using native yeasts developed closely with oenologists to naturally protect the wine from damaging bacteria. Not only does this create interesting wines, but it also allows for a reduction in sulfites added later at the bottling stage.

The wine is aged in oak barrels between 12 and 14 months; 30% of the barrels are renewed each year. After ageing, the wine goes back into concrete tanks for fining, where particles fall down the tank to clarify the wine. After the wine is bottled, the process is complete, taking (just!) 30 months from field to bottle. You’ll taste the care they put into their work from the first sip of the delicious Château Haut Veyrac wines.

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