Domaine M. & S. Bouchet

Domaine M. & S. Bouchet

Matthieu and Sylvanie Bouchet manage the Domaine Château-Gaillard in the Loire Valley. In 1990 they took over the family vineyard from François Bouchet, Matthieu's father. They continue to use the same principles that underpinned François’ winemaking – to not use synthetic chemicals, but to focus on biodynamic practices.

Matthieu and Sylvanie continue the traditions of the vineyard as a farm, keeping animals and allowing natural growth amongst the vines. Wines are bottled as “vin de France”, allowing them to express themselves as winemakers freely.

Grapes are hand-harvested in small batches. The wines are then vinified in tuffeau cellars, ageing for at least 18 months in old oak barrels. It may be more work for the team, but the traditional methods produce stunning results.


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