March 14, 2020


Brown Bag Wines is passionate to bring you only the very best of what organic and natural wine has to offer. Sourcing purely from farm-to-table, our growers are carefully picked to ensure taste and quality is not compromised. 

If you’ve always wondered, organic wine is made from grapes grown without the use of synthetic or artificial chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides. Organic farmers work with instead of against nature to bring out the best of their land. 

Instead of using chemical pesticides to deter pests, farmers may introduce natural alternatives such as providing a habitat for insects that prey on any problem species. They may even have sheep eat the weeds and grass. This turns the vineyard into a self-regulating ecosystem which combats the potential problems it faces eliminating the need for artificial fertilisers and pesticides. 

Natural wine goes back to its roots of growing and harvesting grapes the way our ancestors did. Untarnished by conventional processing methods, they taste of their terroir (the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced) and are an ode to their land. Mostly, natural winemakers make full use of their surrounding area and nature to bring out the best in its crops.

Here are our recommended picks to guarantee you a delicious organic wine fix, and if you are a novice to organic wines, here's where to start.

1. Organic Chianti

Wine notes are red fruits, sweet spice and toast.

This organic Chianti is made from a perfect blend of Sangiovese grapes and laced with aromas of sweet spice and red fruits. It is toasty, medium-bodied with a lingering finish. This wine is also perfect with any pasta or meat dishes.


2. Italian Red Wine, Arnaio

Wine notes are ripe red berries and cacao.

This classic Italian red wine has earthy notes of cacao and overripe strawberry, which feels rounded on the mouth and has a medium to long finish. For those who are looking for an easy-drinking red wine, this is for you. We suggest pairing it with any pasta or pizza.


3. Italian White Wine, Balera

    Wine notes are pleasantly fruity and zesty.

    Balera is an easy-drinking white wine that is pleasantly fruity and sweet without any overbearing sourness. A clean tasting white wine, it boasts delicious notes of ripe peaches and flowers. Overall this wine is delicious on the nose while being balanced, zesty and soft. It is excellent as an aperitif or paired with any fresh cheese or fish.


    4. Natural Italian Orange Wine, Vej Antico Bianco

    Wine notes are sharp, dry, aromatic and floral.

    With those unfamiliar with orange wine, it is white wine fermented with its skin, which gives the wine its orange colour. With a rich aroma of Malvasia grapes, it is elegantly sophisticated with sharp scents of elderberry, rose and eucalyptus. This wine will pair well with first course meals, cheeses, white meat or medium fatty red meats.


    5. Organic Italian Red Wine, Siro Fifty

    Wine notes are dark cherries, dried plum and earth.

      Siro Fifty is a delightful red wine with notes consisting of red fruits and toast. This wine boasts a good structure with a medium tannin that has a lovely, juicy finish and can certainly be enjoyed on any day. An extremely versatile wine, it can be drunk on its own or with any meat or pasta-based dish.


      6. Australian Fruity Red Wine, Shiraz

      Wine notes are dark fruits, cured meats and spices.

      If you’re looking for that perfect  “easy-drinking” Shiraz, we’ve got you covered. With an intense, fruity flavour and deep burgundy colour, this wine displays flavours of classic blackberry, spice with hints of bacon fat (yes, you read that right!) and cured meat. This is a full-bodied yet balanced wine aged in older French oak. What is great is that it will continue to age gracefully for the next 3-5 years.  You can pair it with any roasted meats, vegetables or blue cheeses. However, believe it or not, despite its meaty flavour, this red wine is also vegan-friendly.


      7. Italian full-bodied red wine, DOCG Baruffo Riserva

      Wine notes are ripe plums, spices, sweet tobacco and chocolate.

      If you’re a fan of full-bodied red wines,  you have to try this! This wine is intense with a deep ruby red colour and garnet notes. Baruffo carries delicious notes of ripe plum and berries which are accompanied by pleasant hints of spices, tobacco and chocolate. A well-balanced wine that’s aroma is fresh yet evolving as it continues to air. Enjoy this wine with roasted “Fiorentina” steak, but it is also great with any Italian dishes. Definitely not your average red.


      8. Organic French sparkling wine, Cremant Adrian

        Wine notes are elegant, bubbles and crisp.

        Fantastically crisp and elegant, perfect acidity and persistent fine bubbles. This organic sparkling wine is sophisticated yet fresh with stimulating flavours of apples and pears. It is simply fantastic as an aperitif, and also great with cold salads or fresh fruits.


        9. French full-bodied red wine, Cuvee Marguerite

        Wine notes are dark berries, spice with liquorice.

        On the nose, you will get dark cacao and berry fruit flavours. On the palate, this robust, full-bodied red wine is laced with spice and liquorice. It is a beautiful, medium-bodied blend that is best enjoyed after some airing. It pairs well with meats such as lamb, steak or duck. 


        10. Best French Organic Champagne, Grand cru Blanc De Blancs Chouilly 

          Wine notes are delicious green apples, spirited and brioche.

          This is sure to be an unforgettable bottle of organic champagne! With pronounced notes of delicious green apples, brioche and pastry, it is a very spirited and well-defined bottle of sparkling white.  Jancis Robinson a British wine critic and writer, rated it 17/20 and described it as "Fresh with greenery on the nose. Racy and lively." This wine can be enjoyed as an aperitif paired with any antipasti, cold cuts or seafood.



          We love that organic wines bring out a distinct and unique taste each grower and their land has to offer. Knowing that each wine is masterfully crafted and put together using nature itself makes it that much more meaningful drinking it. These were our recommended organic wines for you to try, we hope you love them as much as we do. Cheers!



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