October 27, 2020

Wine cocktails

We love any opportunity to appreciate great wine here at Brown Bag Wines, even if it means finding ways to sneak it into other drinks! So we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite wine cocktail recipes to impress party guests – with a unique (and sustainable wine-centric) spin on some all-time classics. 

Here are our top ten wine cocktail recipes for your next cocktail party – cocktail shakers at the ready!

  1. Rosé Sangria

This recipe from Natasha David, co-owner of Nitecap in New York City, is the perfect cocktail for a summer garden party. Light, refreshing and delicately floral, it makes wonderfully easy-sipping during the afternoon.

Rose Sangria

© David Malosh

Wine recommendation: A dry, juicy rosé will work well in this sangria – try the Gratena from Chianti.

  1. Ginger-Lime Spritz

This is a  simple yet beautifully refreshing cocktail that matches the fizz of a dry sparkling wine to fresh ginger, lime and mint flavours. A little lighter on the alcohol side than many cocktails, so sip freely at a lunchtime bbq.

Ginger Lime Spritz

© Ted Cavanaugh

Wine recommendation: In our opinion, any excuse to use fantastic organic Champagne should not be missed! Try the Chouilly Grand Cru from AR Lenoble.

  1. Watermelon Sangria

Another take on the Spanish classic, but you can’t get more refreshing than this. With cooling watermelon floating atop a vodka-led sangria, this is just made for a day chilling around the pool.

Watermelon Sangria

© Tina Rupp

Wine recommendation: Match the colours with a blushing organic rosé from Pure Vision in South Australia – the dry finish and touch of acidity will bring out the best in the watermelon.

  1. Vin d'Orange

An effortlessly cool cocktail from 1920s New Orleans, this is the perfect drink to introduce orange wines to your friends. A few of these and you’ll be hitting the dancefloor for a Jitterbug or two!

 Vin d'Orange

© Frances Janisch

Wine recommendation: Orange is the only way to go here, so try the Vej Brut from Podere Pradarolo – the extra fizz and floral notes from the Malvasia grape will kick this cocktail off. 

  1. White Wine Mojito

A lighter version of the classic, but just as refreshing. A perfect partner to spicy foods, we love this with a Mexican taco or two.

 White Wine Mojito

© Getty Images

Wine recommendation: The zesty, fresh flavours in the Balera by Icardi will work wonders with the lime and mint.

  1. French Pear Martini With Elderflower

This delicate, floral martini brings a touch of class to any occasion. We love it as a surprising addition to an evening do, but it works just as well at a luxurious brunch – just ensure to top up with a delicious organic sparkling.

French Pear Martini

© S&C Design Studios

Wine recommendation: Add a little colour with the Rosé Terroirs from AR Lenoble – the delicate notes of orchard blossom will bring out the pear beautifully.

  1. Kir

A simple but delicious way to add a little colour to your wine, the kir is easy to drink and even easier to prepare. There are many variations, but we like the original – just make sure to use a good wine.


© Claire Cohen

Wine recommendation: A crisp, dry white wine will match the fruity flavours in the crème de cassis – try the Lama from Il Muro.

  1. Bellini

It’s a classic for a reason. Ripe peaches, fresh lemon and a gorgeous sparkling wine are to be enjoyed any time of the day.


© Great Italian Chefs

Wine recommendation: The brioche, buttery notes in the Chouilly Grand Cru from AR Lenoble will make a perfect match to the sweet peaches.

  1. Mulled Wine Cocktail

A winter classic in Germany and across Europe, this mulled wine will warm the cockles with its mix of Christmas-time spices. Serve on ice or warmed, with a nice twist of lemon for extra flair.

Mulled Wine

© BBC Good Food

Wine recommendation: Stick to a light red to compliment the sugar and spices in the cocktail – try the Bordeaux Clairet from Château Massereau.

  1. Kalimotxo

This simple red wine and cola miz, sometimes spelt calimotxo or calimocho, is a much-loved concoction from the Basque Country. With the acidity of the cola and a touch of lemon, it’s an incredibly refreshing way to drink red wine.


© Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

Wine recommendation: You can’t go too wrong with your wine choice here, so go for something with freshness and red berries to match the cola – try the Arnaio from Valdonica.

Becoming a Mixologist

So there you have it, ten of our favourite wine cocktail recipes to impress your party guests. With these as a starting point, you’ll be able to start experimenting yourself.

If you’re looking for wines to use in your cocktails, take at a look at our online store. We’ve got a range of organic, natural and biodynamic wines, so you’re sure to find something that’ll suit your next experiment.

Cheers, and happy mixing! 


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